Whispering voice from the window

With tone of hope but much of scare

Home alone, unsure what to do

I peep the window, gathering dare


Suddenly, the voice, I hear from another

Just as I peeked through one;

It sounds like an innocent call

Away from a villain, on the run


Quickly I move to the window

That’s close to the door, to peek

The voice is now clearer

Now, than before, more bleak


Approaching the door, some footsteps

I hide behind the curtains, pale

Audible, was more than two sets

With the tone of call becoming frail


I wanted to fling the door open

And look them in their eye,

But all I did is stand behind curtains

Until the meek voice I heard, die


Next day, I washed them well –

Splashes of red on the curtains white,

Pretending everything was over, fine

Dying with guilt of not even a fight


One step forward

One small step forward

Hear many, speak just a word –

Rapidly, I take two steps back

Making sure that old strings have slack.


Life’s reality is a staged truth –

A bucket full of agitated froth,

Above a thin layer of self,

Hidden away in a brightly lit shelf;

Where artificial light makes it hard to realize,

The preciousness, value and price –

Of happy smiles, caring tears

Of stolen hearts, possessive fears.


One step forward I take,

Run back two and a long break,

Speaking words only a few –

Swallowing more that are true,

All to keep my environment pleasant

A satisfied loving show of present.


Its a heavy challenge of grit –

Trying not to be a hypocrite;

Constantly solving the happy crossword,

While sheepishly stepping one step forward.


Living can sometimes be cold like ice –

We freeze when questions arise,

Melt while crossing heated bridges,

Flow in already carved ridges.

Heart races

With a notion of having a single lane,

Emotions gushing through the vein,

Widely opened eyes stare at reality

As heart races towards triviality –

Jumping over complicated relationships,

Slowing while over-analyzing friendships,

Ending the race in a strange place

From where home is impossible to trace!

Song unsung

Under layers of time,

A melodious rhyme,

Never sung in life that’s kept sublime.

A lost tune,

To harmony, immune –

Concealed under a timeless time-dune.

Joyous to thy ear,

Painful to thy peer,

Safely hidden from fury and fear.

If ever a storm, strong

Moves the dune along

I wish disappearance of the unsung song!

I can smell the dew on the white water lily

In the crowded bazaar of the vibrant town.

I can feel the vibrations of the dilly-dally

Walking on the streets I’ve always known.

I can sense the approaching storm of love

As my mom speaks with a commanding tone.

I can feel the warm breeze from silver clouds above

As I stand in my balcony eating an ice-cream cone.

I can hear the loud rings with chimes and smiles

When my lovely friends call on my phone.

I’m so close to cutting through the thousand miles –

To be there in a place I’ve known, my home, my own

Engulfed by memories

Walking around the paths green
Walking down the stairs and up
Lovely smiling faces seen
While holding a tea cup
Fifteen people on a table
Plates of food through the crowd
Lots of voices, rattle, babble
Silent looks and laughters aloud
Comfort on the seats with no cushion
Even on bumps and pot-holes
Music, merry, teasing and confusion
Bus filled with love and delighted souls
The mid-day songs by email
The evening snack meets
Jumping around like with tail
At birthday parties with treats
Memories so touching and vivid
Memories that turns into happy tear
In an ocean of emotions, I stand amid
Engulfed by memories so dear